Effect of Thermal Energy Storage in System of Parabolic Solar Collectors with Organic Rankine Cycle

Energy is now widely used and energy needs are increasing. Considerable amount of energy is covered by conventional fuels. Fossil resources such as coal, oil, and natural gas are both depleting fuels that harm our world in environmental terms and relict. Renewable energy sources are evaluated as an advantage in terms of environmental and non-exhaustion characteristics, but it require energy storage systems in terms of continuity issues. In this work, heat energy obtained by parabolic solar collectors is converted into mechanical energy in the turbine with the Organic Rankine Cycle. Working fluid of parabolic solar collectors and Organic Rankine Cycle respectively are Therminol_66 and R134a. The excess heat from the solar energy is also stored at KNO3. The study aims to reduce the high energy costs required in energy production systems and to use renewable resources with energy storage. It is becoming widespread that the needed energy is supplied from renewable sources through the help of combined systems as in the study.


Author : -Sercan Gülce GÜNGÖR - Engin AVCI - Mehmet ESEN
Number of pages: 29-34
Full text:
Alıntı Yap:
Internalional Journal of Information Processing Sciences and Application
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